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Having an idea is one piece, but it's a very, very small piece.In fact, it's so small that it's actually better to earn a technical co-founder without the idea in place so that you guys come up with it together.When neither person has an idea prepackaged with some degree of emotional attachment, it becomes far easier to engage in honest customer development, rapid iteration, and all the other lean processes that will eventually help you find product-market fit. Go out and do all of those things that people always do to find talent. The following is not a recipe you can follow that magically produces a technical co-founder in the end.

In fact the equity question, more than any other, may strangle a young company before it can even get started. The founder moniker is black and white, but the situations are all shades of gray. The company will probably fail, and you will lose all the money you put in, plus the lost salary, plus you have to find a new job. Your salary is less than what you’d get at a big company. A founder is defined by the inability of their company to pay them (or anyone else) for anything.You may or may not take the CEO title, but if you’re the one who rounded up the co-founders and talked everyone in to getting things done, add 5 percent to your holdings.If you were previously 100/100/100, you’re now 105/100/100.Some technical founders can get away without adding a hustler for some time, focusing their initial efforts on building a killer product.However, more often than not a great product without a proven market is simply not enough to sustain a company or attract investment.

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