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Le Andrea Mikell is rapidly typing out social media messages to the world and Cynthia manages to pause in her duties to pose with bearded boyfriend Aaron Cradduck.Happy to see Cynthia happy, I leave the really tall couple and start posing people like Mack Mc Kenzie and Garlana Mathews, cousins Caleb and Kristen Harkleroad, and One Love’s James Williams and Pam Bebon.As the Internet turns 25 this year, there is no doubt that this complex mesh of connectivity has changed humankind forever.Technology and job hunting go together like a horse and carriage these days.But when you have wealth, the question of how to do this becomes more complicated.Some well-intended, affluent parents go to extremes and don’t talk about money with their children.Warren Buffet and Bill Gates have expressed similar sentiments.All parents want to rear healthy and self-sufficient children.

How do you let your children enjoy a lifestyle that is rich in opportunity without spoiling them?

This insightful duo will help you get a handle on what’s happening in the digital space to ensure your children are safe and savvy in this fast-changing world.

They’ll guide you through the terminology, dangers and opportunities of technology, while placing children’s use of all things digital firmly in the context of the relationship between parents and their children.

For Sting, the musician worth an estimated 0 million, the decision was to not leave his six children an inheritance.

Instead, he reports that he wants them to earn their own money—and learn the value of hard work, as he did growing up in a working-class family.

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Inconsistent date formats in a column are frustrating.

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