Candidating sermon

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A candidating sermon is not the sole measure of your preaching ability.You want to give the listeners your best average sermon to demonstrate to them what you are able to do week by week.” Preaching a candidating sermon can make a person feel like they are back in homiletics class. so never do anything major like this without bathing it in ... men should not only pastor the churches but we should also be in ... I remember hearing an older pastor years ago saying that we should avoid preaching our “Royal George Sermon” when for a church.

As you know, there is a city in northern Greece called Philippi.

Introduction Candidating at a church for a pastoral position is like going on a first date and then getting married. In a matter of weeks a candidate goes through the interview process and ends up as the pastor of a church. Virkler observes: “Probably a single sermon, or even a single day, is too short a time for a pastor or a congregation to interact enough to know whether their expectations of each other are compatible.” But, for most churches, this is the process — the only process.

The key for seminarians and pastors in search of God’s call in a church is to be sensitive to the dynamics involved and to trust the Lord though it.

Expectations exist on both sides, some of which are real, while others are imagined.

The sooner the seminarian comes to grips with the differences between people and books, the better.

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