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Although the list of packages used in cached chunks is saved, this is not a perfect way of caching package names: if you loaded a package but removed it later, knitr will be unable to know it (knitr is only able to capture newly loaded packages).

You have to manually edit the file under the cache directory as described in #382.

(A list of suggested enhancements is included further down this page.) No promises though! Very important: Under normal circumstances in can take up to two weeks before a new cache (or a cache converting into the series) is added to my Church Micro database.

On the occasions when either or both of Andy33 and myself are on holiday, it may take three or even four weeks.

Use the Transients API instead of these functions if you need to guarantee that your data will be cached.

These statistics are based on the Church Micro bookmark lists (see home page).Here are a few more examples: You have to read the section on cache in the main manual very carefully to understand when cache will be rebuilt and which chunks should not be cached.Let me repeat the three factors that can affect cache (any change on them will invalidate old cache): have side effects of creating objects in the global environment even if the code is evaluated in a local environment.However if persistent caching has not been enabled, then the data will instead be cached to the options table.Most of these functions take a: Hints to the object cache that the group or list of groups should not be cached in persistent storage.

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Before knitr v0.4, it was unable to cache these global objects (e.g.

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